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Novel Spherical Sub Micron Ag Materials

  Novel chemically precipitated Ag materials from Ames Goldsmith will be introduced on November 18, 2015 at Printed Electronics 2015 Hall C Booth R20.  The proprietary technology platform enables fine-line flexible circuits, allowing product designers more versatility and greater freedom to incorporate electronics into broader applications than previously possible to expand commercialization of advanced technologies such as flexible displays, and printed flexible circuits.

  Average particle size ranges between 200-400 nanometers.  Ames controls particle synthesis of the sub-micron Ag material via chemical precipitation, which allows its surface chemistry to be tailored to match customer's needs to optimize specific ink systems.  This produces conductive inks, pastes and adhesiveswith controlled rheology and viscosity for finer and sharper line definition.

  The new sub-micron Ag materials offer cost efficient performance and are commercially available in high volume quantities.

  Ames Goldsmith is a major supplier of silver-based, gold, platinum, palladium and copper products to the global printed electronics, EO catalyst refining, photographic and helath care industries.  Ames Goldsmith and Ames Advanced Materials Corporation develop next generation metal products for the electronics industry.  The company's Catalyst Refiners, Inc. subsidiary provides a variety of silver oxide and refining services on a global basis.  Founded in 1979, Ames Goldsmith has been in continuous operation as a silver fabricator and refiner for over 35 years.  With annual silver consumption of more than 85 million Troy ounces, Ames Goldsmith is one of the largest integrated silver fabricators in the world.

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This Story Was Updated: 11/18/2015

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