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Ames Goldsmith Corporation offers a focused product line that is built around our industry leadership in silver-based chemicals and electronic materials.  Produced and shipped from our four global production sites, our products are of the highest quality and are produced to stringent internal specifications. 

Silver Nitrate

Ames Goldsmith has built a strong reputation throughout the world for producing tonnage volumes of high purity silver nitrate with very consistent purity levels. Ames currently produces in excess of 10MT of silver nitrate per day using our modern continuous crystallization processes. These materials are produced globally, utilizing two independent manufacturing facilities.

Ames can supply silver nitrate in photographic grade, ACS grade, as well as with USP certification. Our nitrate can be shipped as free-flowing granular powder, pressed into pellets, or diluted and shipped as a solution. In addition we offer a variety of different packaging options.

Silver Oxide

Producing more than 15MT of silver oxide on a daily basis, Ames is one of the largest producers of silver oxide in the world today.  Ranging from catalyst manufacture, to battery production and water purification systems, Ames Goldsmith offers a broad range of silver oxide products to our customers around the world.  With three plants producing these materials around the globe Ames can assure you that there will be timely supply without interruption, regardless of your global location.

Silver Powders

Whether you are producing pressed and sintered contacts or working to develop the next generation of conductive pastes for the photovoltaic sector, Ames Goldsmith is sure to have a silver powder that will meet your requirements.  With more than 25 commercialized silver powders in our portfolio and new industry-leading materials being developed on a regular basis you can rest assured that Ames will supply the materials that your specific application might require.

Contact Materials 

Developed as a specialized offering to complement our silver powder materials, Ames has commercialized a strong line of silver-containing powders for the contact materials industry.

Silver Tin Oxide Powder 
Silver Nickel Powder

Silver Flakes

Ames has a very broad offering of silver flake materials available to our customers, for use in a broad range of applications.  From the PV sector, to membrane switch and PCB applications, Ames has numerous commercialized silver flakes, many of which will likely meet your specific requirements.



Working closely with the technical staff at Clarkson University, through their Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP), Ames has licensed technology to precipitate copper powder materials.  These materials are now being produced on a commercial basis and are due for a major batch-size increase and capital investment in early 2010. 

Silver Coated Copper

Ames has developed a robust process for Ag coating of our Cu materials.  While not a viable alternative for all silver-based requirements, these materials offer substantial costs savings to some customers for use in printed electronics applications.  Ames continues to improve the conductive performance of these industry-leading products for various customer applications.

Nano Silver Materials

 Now being produced as a Commercialized product line, Ames' nano silver materials are currently being used in cutting edge electronics applications where there is a need for printing very narrow lines, which can then be fired at very low temperatures when compared to traditional industry standards.  Our nano silver materials are yet another successful part of our diversified product mix.

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