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Photovoltaic Materials

Ames Goldsmith has invested heavily in the development and commercialization of new silver powders and silver flakes that offer exceptional performance in both frontside and backside Photovoltaic applications.  Whether you are working in the PV segment as a new venture, or are a veteran producer looking for a viable commercial source for PV silvers, Ames Goldsmith Corporation can offer the products you need, supplied when you require them.  Please browse some our commercialized PV offerings below: 

  • PV-1 Silver Powder
    High density, easily dispersed fine silver powder.
    APPLICATIONS - Fired thick film & PV pastes.  
  • PV-2 Silver Powder
  • PV-3 Silver Powder 
  • PV-4 Silver Powder 


Product Tap Density Surface Area PSD Values Data Sheet
  Min Max Min Max Min Max  
PV-13.505.000.200.80 ---  --- 
PV-24.005.500.400.60 ---  --- 
PV-33.505.000.601.10 ---  --- 
PV-43.405.000.701.20 ---  --- 

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