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Silver Nitrate

Ames Goldsmith has a long history of manufacturing high quality silver nitrate products in both crystal and pellet form. In addition, our nitrate can also be dissolved into a solution and shipped to you as a ready to use liquid. Our silver nitrate is used extensively in the manufacture of: Electronic Materials, Ethylene Oxide Catalyst, Photographic film and paper, Water purification, Medical and wound dressings, Mirroring solutions, as well as a multitude of other industrial applications. 

Our global operations have a combined capacity in excess of 20 metric tons of silver nitrate per day, making Ames one of the largest producers of silver nitrate in the world today. Our standard packaging ranges from bulk IBCs & drums for our large industrial customers to smaller, batch-specific, package sizes for those customers that require specialized packaging.  Ames manufactures two standard grades of silver nitrate. Details of our specification can be obtained by clicking on the PDF below: Photographic Grade Silver Nitrate ACS Grade Silver Nitrate.  In addition, Ames is an approved source for pharmaceutical-grade USP silver nitrate for those customers that are working on the medical field. 



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