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Catalyst Refiners, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ames Goldsmith Corp, refines ethylene oxide catalyst from two separate locations, one each located in Glens Falls, NY and Institute, WV. Each Plant has its own sampling facility, with a combined daily capacity to process in excess of 80,000 lbs of material. We welcome our customer's representatives to our plants to witness the sampling of their materials.

Catalyst Refiners has approval from all of the major ethylene catalyst manufacturers to process their products at our facilities. We have the recycling capacity to process over 3,000 tons of material annually. In addition to processing standard ethylene oxide catalysts, Catalyst Refiners also utilizes robust and proven processes to recover silver from both distressed and wet catalyst, with a high a level of consistent efficiency.

Once recovered, customer silver can be returned to a multitude of locations, depending on each customer�s preference. Most transfers can be made at little to no charge; please check with us before specifying your return point.

Catalyst Refiners has developed innovative product outlets for the final stripped substrates and therefore none of the residual carrier from our processes ever makes it to a landfill.

Ames and Catalyst Refiners does not refine any and all silver bearing scrap, but we are able to feed some scrap materials into our refining process stream. Where we can do this, substantial refining savings can be realized. If you have high grade scrap from such segments as the mirror or glass industry there is a very good likelihood that we can process these materials on you behalf.

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