PGM (Platinum Group Metals) Products

Our precious metal products manufactured using our proprietary technologies are key to many markets, and distinguish themselves through their advanced performance and unsurpassed quality.

We supply

  • Gold powders and flakes suitable to thick film conductive pastes.
  • Stabilized Iridium for PEM electrolyzers.
  • Osmium compounds used in Biochemistry (i.e. cell fixation).
  • Ruthenium compounds used as electrochemical mediator in Biosensing, and for catalytic applications.
  • Platinum powders and flakes for thick film hybrid pastes, oxygen sensor pastes, solid oxide fuel cell pastes, component electrode and termination inks.
  • Palladium powders for electrode inks, hybrid thick film pastes, and end termination pastes.
  • Silver-Palladium co-precipitated or alloyed powders for inner electrode components inks, and hybrid thick film pastes.
  • Customized materials specifically designed for advancing emerging technologies with our key customers.
Ames Goldsmith Corporation