Silver Powders & Flakes

Our silver powder and flakes manufactured using our proprietary technologies are key to many markets, and distinguish themselves through their advanced performance and unsurpassed quality.

We supply

  • Silver powder and flakes for low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC), passive component terminations, hybrid integrated circuits, chip component and ceramic interconnects
  • Customized materials for electrically and thermally conductive adhesive for the microelectronics industries
  • Silver powder and flakes for sprayable inks, EMI/RFI gaskets, and other shielding technologies
  • Silver powder and flakes for the polymer thick film industries (PTF), medical sensors, radio frequency identification (RIFD), membrane touch switches (MTS), and emerging display technologies
  • Silver powder and flakes for the renewable energy and energy storage markets
  • Silver powders for water purification projects
  • Customized materials specifically designed for advancing emerging technologies with our key customers
Ames Goldsmith Corporation